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About The Zahir

The name of our magazine was taken from the title of a Jorge Luis Borges novel. The Zahir is an Arabic word, meaning that which is visible or manifest – the concept of being conceptualised. It’s something that becomes more enigmatic upon inspection.

The Zahir is the culture magazine of the University of York. We have sections on music, film, art, literature and politics, plus a different feature each edition. Our aim is to bring to you exciting developments across our sections, not only locally but globally. We love the new as well as the old. We want opinions and we want views. We’re provocative and we don’t care. Maybe we’ll get under your skin, maybe we’ll tap into something, maybe you’ll hate us with a passion. At least we won’t be boring.

Because culture isn’t boring, it is inherent within our surroundings and in our lives. We want to cast off stale misconceptions and proudly announce that culture at The Zahir no longer flies the flag of exclusivity whilst donning its dashing coat tails and wistfully stroking its beard. Culture is current yet ever changing and The Zahir aims to capture this.

We welcome anyone and everyone to write for us, for either the website or the magazine. Did something dare to shake your values recently? Or were you witness to an exciting event that you want to share? Contact via our Contact page.

It doesn’t have to be a completed article, throw us an idea and we’ll get back to you with some thoughts. If you want to get involved but don’t know where to start, fizz us an email, and we’ll go from there.

The Zahir is constantly looking for new ways to expand and grow. We aim to build on each term and evolve new ideas. It’s an exciting time to get involved; we’d love to hear from you.


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