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October 20, 2016

AAW Day 1: Launch

by Zahir

Bringing together SASSY, The Norman Rea Gallery and The Art History Society, Arts Awareness Week is running throughout week 8 with the desire to enlighten and inspire students through all things arty. An exciting week of activities ranging from extreme knitting to a chic art auction set to the dulcet tones of jazz, this week promises to be a great way to kick start your summer of relaxation. The three societies are aiming to bring awareness of the arts to campus, involving all students with activities, not just those studying History of Art and the like. The Zahir shall be covering the events all week long, the first of which was the launch party, held at the Norman Rea Gallery.

There is always an exciting atmosphere at the Norman Rea, wine flows freely and the art is usually very enjoyable; it is a hubbub of artiness, therefore it seemed the perfect place to launch AAW. The current exhibition, ‘Catalyst’ is their summer exhibition which is open to all students and members of the wider community. Pieces are submitted and then selected by a board from the gallery- York’s own version of the Royal Academy summer exhibition. Pieces ranged from large oil canvases of a mother and daughter’s relationship, to smaller, intricate glass works depicting Langwith’s transition from HesWest to HesEast. A catalyst is something which stimulates a change, creating metamorphosis from the old to the new; all of the works on display here plot this transformative theme. A particular highlight was Kat Bashford’s ‘Untitled’ which hung like bunting across the gallery space, with each panel depicting her housemates mimicking a pose captured of them when they were younger. It is a reflective work which highlights a personal transition from childhood to adulthood.

The Launch Party provided a platform on which the rest of the week can rise from. Tickets for various events were sold and pink post-boxes to submit your SASSY postcards could also be found. Speaking to organisers, AAW really does hope to be fun and informative and a perfect way in which to make everyone aware of the art around them. This week hopes to be a good one, so maybe you should all get involved- you never know, you might become quite the art connoisseure

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